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Grandma Raised In The South … Ramblings and Tales of an old Grandma Raised In The South.

First things first… I am a Christian, so you are sure to see a few quotes on here that you will recognize on occasion. And you might even read a story about life in general, so bear with me as I catch up with my thoughts!

On occasion I like to rant about things that get under my skin. Please forgive me, but everyone needs to vent sometimes! And in my 60+ years on this earth, I think I should have that privilege.
Sometimes I might share a favorite recipe or one that I have an interest in trying out. Whatever the reason, I feel the need to share them with you.
Other times I might decide to share a DIY project that struck my interest. This might be something that was created from “junk” or another craft, such as crochet, quilting, or whatever strikes my fancy on any particular day. I have had a lot of hobbies, some I still pursue. Others, well, I enjoyed them when I was able to do them.
I do hope you enjoy my website/blog and will share it with others.
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